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Startup Investment Opportunities

Are you looking for startup investment opportunities or a co-founder position where you can help build something powerful in the world? Tixbee is looking for investors who want to be closely involved in helping Tixbee meet its goals. No matter if you're a marketing guru, software engineer, or just plain awesome person doing amazing things, we want you involved!

What is Tixbee?

Tixbee is a niche, cloud-based startup and ticketing system offering startup investment opportunities. With Tixbee you can sell and print event tickets, sell memberships, manage customers, and run reports. Tixbee is also your eCommerce solution to selling tickets.

Tixbee's goal is to help museums and attractions sell tickets, manage their customers, and continue financial stability. Tixbee wants to create a powerful and helpful product to institutions doig impactful work while maintaining financial stability as a startup. Tixbee offers great startup investment opportunities.

Angel Startup Investment Opportunities

This is one of the best startup investment opportunities for you as we have little good competition and we care about our work. We want to find a good investor who shares a passion of helping others doing good in the world and creating a positive work culture and business plan. An investor in Tixbee will invest a small amount but earn satisfying rewards.

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Co-Founder Opportunities

A second option for investing your resources in Tixbee is to become a co-founder. This position is a large part managerial and offers you a lot of agency in decisions regarding Tixbee's future. This position asks that you make a small contribution to daily expenses and a large contribution in any other resources you have like connections in marketing or skills in programming and development. This position is equity-based. This is, of course, all negotiable and an ongoing conversation. If you'd like to talk more about ways you can help, contact