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Now let's setup some groups. Tixbee let's your create groups for your tickets. You can arrange them into exhibits or events or however you want. Here you can manage inventory and create a code for all the tickets in the group. Go to the menu and navigate to "Groups" under "Items." Click "Add Group." Here you can Name your group, add a description, create a code that will print on the ticket, and set an inventory for each of the tickets in the group. Click or touch "Add" when you're done.


Great! You're almost set up. Now you need to make some tickets. Go to the menu and navigate to "Tickets" under "Items." Click or touch "Add Ticket." Here you can name your ticket, give it a description, add a price, and select one of the groups you set up. When you're done, just click "Add."


You're all done! Now click on "Tickets" at the top of your screen to go to the point of sale and start selling!



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