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Our Thoughts on Customer Engagement

Good Examples of Customer Engagement

You work hard on getting your customers to come to you. And you want to sell your products and services to them. But to get their you will need a few good examples of customer engagement.

Social Media

First of all, build the foundation for your social media network. There are so many platforms you should be on. Sign up for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. Also, be sure to add commenting capabilities to your blog. Now tell yourself one thing. Social media is not about advertising!

So, why set up these accounts? Because it's a way for your customers to communicate with you. Remember, anywhere you can post a comment, write a review, like a post, or send a direct message is a great place to make yourself known.

Don't just make your social media accounts. Use them to interact with your customers. By responding to their interactions you make them feel valued, personalize their experience, and increase their satisfaction in your product. You can also use the opportunity to make another sale.


People are looking for a positive experience when they come to you. They want to feel special. So, treat your customers like individuals with the respect and friendly customer engagement they deserve.

A question or survey go a long way. Find out your customers' individual needs and give them to them in a personalized way. You can guess that someone who looks lost is probably, well, lost. So offer them help to find their way around. But it's easy and better just to ask the question. Ask your customers what they need, then you can provide exactly what they are looking for.

You can even add the customer's name to their email, invoice, product, newsletter, or product. This will make it seem like the product or service was made just for them giving them something unique to brag about. And, after that, send them a hand written thank you card. These are just a few ideas of how you can personalize your customer engagement.

Tixbee makes it easy to sell and print tickets so you can focus on customer engagement. Tixbee's CRM and membership manager also makes it easy to gather information about your customers that can be used later to personalize their experience.

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