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Our Thoughts on Customer Engagement

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

There are many benefits to offering good customer engagement. Engaging with customers means they will come back often. Once they return you can get their feedback and earn more revenue over time.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is constant communication. It should be an ongoing dialog with your customers. It can take many forms from simple in-person conversations to Instagram ads and email campaigns. Some may target different customers, but each are just as important.

Engaging with your customers should come naturally and should be fun, pleasant, friendly, and rewarding for everyone.

Customer Retention

Customer engagement can create repeat customers. Say a customer liked the customer service they experienced when they bought a ticket. They will most likely come back for another one at some point to have the same good experience. Perhaps someone saw a show and got an email survey about it afterwards. This person might be inspired to see a different show and come back to see it. Having the dialog with your customers in many different ways can create positive experiences that people will want again and again.


Part of making sales is about constantly improving your product or service. This is why customer engagement is important. If you engage with customers you will learn about what they love and what they hate about your services. Most importantly they will give you the information you need to keep doing your awesome work.

Earn More Revenue

Another reason customer engagement is important is that it, not only creates repeat customers, but can increase your revenue.

Repeat customers are obviously happy customers. Otherwise you would never see them again. And a happy customer is willing to pay more to get what made them so happy in the first place. Engagement with your visitors and customers gives you the opportunity to up-sell your product or service.

Good customer engagement is usually pretty similar to just being good people and offering good customer service. And, the benefits of this go both ways. It's a win-win situation.

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