Check paying customers in with a smile

Point of Sale App

Point of Sale App

A Point of Sale App with a Smile

Your amazing new exhibit or show is world-renowned. But let's face it. You have to check your visitors in to bring in the dough and make the headlines. It's important to choose a point of sale app that can help you reach your attendance goals.

Events are experiences. And you want your customers to come back again and again for a good experience. Use an easy-to-use and fast Event Ticketing System to create a memorable and hospitable experience for your visitors.

Point of Sale App

Stop wasting time.


Is customer service important to you and your organization? Make sure you're offering the best experience you can provide to your visitors by getting them into the show seemlessly and quickly. Use a point of sale app that saves you time enough to keep your customers excited and engaged.

Improve the customer experience.


The Tixbee point of sale app makes creating a memorable customer experience a good one. Stop fumbling with complicated buggy software just to check in a visitor, when you can spend that time capturing their payment and offering your great hospitality.

Works on Any Hardware —

A Versatile Point of Sale App

If you're using your own hardware or plan on buying something shiny and new, know that you're covered! The Tixbee point of sale app works with just about any credit card reader or scanner.

Point of Sale App

Keep your Customers Engaged! Sell and print tickets, manage members, and run your reports quickly and easily.



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