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Sales Reporting System

Sales Reporting System

A Completely Automated Sales Reporting System

You want to see how the good work that you do can thrive. Your sales reporting system will help you do that. Track ticket sales, revenue, and your customer demographics with this sales reporting system right from within the event ticketing system! You can pull a report on the last week, month, or even century. So sit back, relax, and watch your ticket sales grow.

Sales Reporting System

Tickets Sold Over Time


See how much you have sold in this sales reporting system over time. You can see your ticket sales broken down into each individual sale or displayed on a graph over time.

Revenue Generated from Sales


The sales reporting system helps you see the cost of each ticket and the total amount of revenue its generated over any time period.

Zip Codes and Emails


In addition to selling and printing tickets, Tixbee helps you collect zip codes and email addresses from your customers. The sales reporting system has separate reports designed for tracking this information.


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