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Your cloud-based solution for selling and printing tickets, managing members, and running reports quickly and easily.

Event Ticketing System
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Do more, quickly, and easily —

It's more than just an event ticketings system .

Tixbee is your event ticketing system that can capture payment and print your visiotrs tickets on the fly. Sell memberships and redeem their tickets quickly and easily. And it's your eCommerce site. So, kick back, go home, and run reports all night showing all the sales you made with this pos ticket system.

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Designed to meet your needs —

Easily sell and print timed tickets .

We have designed this event ticketing system with museums and attractions in mind. Tixbee is easy to use on touch screens and supports timed tickets. Sell and print tickets for any event, exhibit, or show. Learn more.

Make them come back for more —

Keep your customers close .

Tixbee is your customer relationship manager too. Keep your visitors coming in frequently with memberships. With the Tixbee event ticketing system you can sell and look up memberships and store your customers' contact information in your own private and secure database. Learn more.

Customer Relationship Management Software
Sales Reporting System

Stop crunching numbers —

Run reports in your sleep .

Each feature of the Tixbee event ticketing system is designed to be quick and easy right down to running a report. Sales reports can include revenue, the types of tickets sold, dates, and much more. You can also track zip codes and gather emails from every sale.

Smiles should be affordable —

Forget about licensing each of your terminals .

Welcome to the cloud! The Tixbee event ticketing system can run on any computer or mobile device in any browser. With just one account, you can run Tixbee at your ticket POS system terminal or at the door. Fast and easy customer service is at your fingertips for a flat rate of $99 a month. There are no licensing fees for extra terminals.

Event Ticketing System Dinosaur
Event Ticketing System Dinosaur

We've got you covered —

Get the hardware you need for your POS .

Check out the hardware shop to get your certified card readers that chip, tap, and swipe and scanners to get your event ticketing system up and running with Tixbee.

Keep your Customers Engaged! Sell and print tickets, manage members, and run your reports quickly and easily.



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