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Ticket POS System

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Sell and print tickets, manage members, and run your reports quickly and easily. Try the beta version.

Do more, quickly, and easily.

It's more than just a ticket POS system.

Tixbee is your point of sale system that can capture payment and print your visiotrs tickets on the fly. Sell memberships and redeem their tickets quickly and easily. And it's your eCommerce site. Now, kick back, go home, and run reports all night showing all the sales you made with this pos ticket system.

Smiles should be affordable.

Forget about licensing each of your terminals.

Welcome to the cloud! Tixbee can run on any computer or mobile device in any browser. With just one account, you can run Tixbee at your ticketing desk or at the door. Fast and easy customer service is at your fingertips for a flat rate of $99 a month. There are no licensing fees for extra terminals.

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